2016 Articles

Below is a list of feature articles that have previously appeared on the Oxford Clinical Psychology homepage in 2015 and 2016. These cover a wide range of topics, and are written by some of the leading thinkers in their fields. 



Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practices, Second Edition

Unconditional Positive Regard and Effective School Discipline by Dr. Eric Rossen

Mastering Stress: Solving Problems by Sarah Perini



Exercise for Mood and Anxiety Disorders by Jasper A. J. Smits and Michael W. Otto

Chronicling the Evolution of Combined Treatments, 1998-2015 by Peter E. Nathan, PH.D.

Neuroscience of Psychological Treatment by David Barlow, PH.D.

Meditation and mindfulness - what's the difference? by Michael West

Mental contamination in obsessive-compulsive disorder by Anna Coughtrey and Emily Booker (originally appeared on the OUPblog)